So what happened to the site you may be asking. Well long story short, I don’t have to funds or time to keep a dynamic server running. That is why I am turning to static site generators and frontend cms-like interfaces!

Before, my site was a manually managed wordpress site which took over a year to set up (to learn from scrath). After leaving it for some while, a bunch of internal errors started errupting and security vulnerabilities means that it could be taken over. After a bunch of rage, I ended up formatting the drive that had all my work (RIP). Shutting down the site, I realized I needed a long plan solution. Then, I came across static site generators. Static site generators means that I don’t have to code every single page every time I want to make a post, but use markdown instead. Sad about loosing the cms like interface, I found out about that there are ways to have a cms like interface, on a static site! So that takes us to now, where I am working on building a brand new beautifull website. For now, enjoy the coming soon page which took me forever when I should have worked on the actual site. (Also, visit the 404 page, it’s pretty cool aswell!)